Analytics like its the future

What is analytics?

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a website. This involves tracking, reviewing, and reporting data to measure web activity, including the use of a website and its components, such as webpages, images, and videos.  

We use this data to facilitate and streamline better business decisions. Data collected through web analytics may include traffic sources, referring sites, page views, paths taken and conversion rates. 

common deliverables

1. status report

We produce and explain to you and your team detailed graphs and analysis of the current state of affairs.

2. Improvement priorities

We prioritize a list of things that must be instrumented and tracked in order to produce better business insights from your data.

3. process improvements

Having good data and pretty graphs is worthless if no one uses them. We teach you and your team how to use this data to make better choices.

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