Web devleopment

Custom solutions for your online experiences

What is web development?

Web development is the actual creation of your website and associated experiences. This may be your main application, its marketing page, or industry-specific landing pages.

These days we use it to also refer to mobile applications as well – they are part of the ever-evolving stage that is digital web experiences. 

We take the feature roadmap laid out in our product strategy sessions and create it. We will still be working together in this phase – ensuring product meets reality is important to ensure success on release day. 

We design using Responsive, fluid design principles in addition to further question and understand how different users in your ecosystem are likely to engage with your product. 

common deliverables

1. Website

This is the main product we will be delivering most of the time.

2. Marketing pages

Your page exists – now we have to tell the world about it. We create the pages talking about your new website too.

3. Landing pages

Sometimes you serve multiple industries – landing pages serve to those specific industries to best sell your product.

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